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Among Us

Among Us is a casual adventure game first introduced in June 2018 for Android devices, and four months later for Windows PCs and MacOS. Development studio – Innersloth LLC. The genre is an action game in the style of the card “Mafia”.

File format: exe
Exe file size45.70 MB

System requirements for the game (minimum):

OS: Windows 7 SP 1+ or macOS

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.00 GHz


DirectX: 10

Video adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 510

Free space on hard disk: 250 MB

Multiplayer (up to 10 participants simultaneously) and single modes are provided. The entertainment process is based on interaction with other real users.

Among Us for PC

A few words about the plot

The plot is based on an eerie story that turned the lives of the crew of a spaceship once and for all. The crafty villain (there can be from one to three traitors) made a robbery attack on the ship, and now the good heroes will have to fight with him. By the way, the astronauts’ vessel is very outdated and requires immediate repair.

Gameplay highlights:

  • If you are a peaceful astronaut, you need to capture the traitor before he destroys you;
  • If you are the culprit in the game, try to get rid of the crew of the aircraft before they declassify and catch you. Otherwise, you will be thrown into space;
  • The villain (s) can boycott and sabotage various incidents, as well as kill crew members;
  • It is necessary to make decisions as quickly as possible – otherwise defeat cannot be avoided;
  • After each new game phase, a general interview opens, at which it is decided who can be a traitor and, accordingly, who should be punished.

The game contains many puzzle elements. Therefore, you can only win with cunning and tactical skills – there are many sectors on the ship that have to be explored far and wide.

In Among Us, it is necessary not only to reveal villainous plans or build them yourself, but also to work.

Examples of tasks (entertaining mini-games):

  • Repair and cleaning of the ventilation system. The trash in it can kill everyone on board;
  • Healing injured teammates;
  • “Showdown” with asteroids, which are capable of riddling you, breaking through the body of the aircraft;
  • Conducting electricity to the required compartments – fixing the wiring.

How to win?

You can win (depending on the role you got in the game):

  1. Having repaired the entire ship and reached the destination.
  2. By destroying all peaceful astronauts.
  3. Having voted a large number of votes for the traitor and thrown him overboard.
Among Us
Among Us

If not a villain is thrown into space, but a peaceful member of the crew, the game will not stop. But fixing the ship will take more time.