Apple Success Story

Apple is the largest and most famous concern for the development and production of branded smartphones, audio players, tablets, personal computers and software. Not once entered the list of the most expensive companies in the world. The name of one of its founders – Steve Jobs, is well known even to those who do not own “apple” devices.

How it all began …

In 1976, two talented people decided to create a PC company in the garage of Steve Jobs’s adoptive parents. These people were 25-year-old Steve Wozniak and 21-year-old Steve Jobs, and the usual workbench was the first “line” for assembling personal computers.

Wozniak and Jobs. April 1, 1976
Wozniak and Jobs. April 1, 1976

Wozniak and Jobs met in college. The first was considered the local genius of electronics and programming. The second was spoken of as an arrogant young man who wanted to change the world.

The first Apple customer was the owner of a small computer store. For an amount of 25 thousand dollars, he agreed to purchase 50 units. cars. In this case, the purchase of components for the assembly of computers required 20 thousand dollars. Wozniak had to part with a scientific calculator, Jobs – to sell his Volkswagen (for all this, friends received a little more than 1.3 thousand dollars). Details for the missing amount were taken on credit. Thus, the first profit of the “apple” company amounted to 5 thousand dollars.

By the way, the company officially registered on 04/01/1976 had another founder – 41-year-old Ronald Wayne. However, two weeks after the paperwork was completed, he gave up his share, fearing that the property of the organization (and hence the owners) would be taken away for loan debts. In the same year, the Apple I programmable computer was launched. In 1977-93,

Apple I
Apple I

they launched the launch of various Apple II models.

Apple II models

In 1980, Apple became a public campaign, starting to sell stocks, and suffered its first failure with an Apple III PC.

 “Talking” figures of modern statistics

Some of the most significant figures from the history of Apple:

  • 2011 – Millward Brown calls Apple the most expensive TM in the world;
  • 2012 – Forbes Magazine puts Apple at the top of the list of Earth’s “most influential” brands. The company overtakes in the ranking of such “sharks” as IBM, Coca-Cola and Microsoft;
  • 2013 – the actual price (volume of market capitalization) of the “apple” corporation exceeds $ 470 billion. Apple officially became the most expensive company in the world. At the same time, the peak indicator for the entire previous history of its work (700 billion dollars) was reached earlier – in the fall of 2012.
  • An interesting point is that the organization’s headquarters is located in the California city of Cupertino, whose number of residents is much less than the number of Apple employees (the company has about 137 thousand employees in the fall of 2019).

What led Apple to success?

Steve Jobs managed to create the brand and image of the company they are equal to. Brand products always have not only an elegant, but also recognizable look. After Jonathan Ive came to Apple, the design of the devices appeared almost perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. It is known that every detail of all products from Apple was discussed by Jobs and Ive a thousand times every day and night. Some vivid examples:

  • Music for iMovie recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra;
  • Each icon of standard applications has its own “chips”, sometimes not noticed by users. So, the TextEdit icon contains the content of the commercial, which can be seen only with a strong increase in the icon;
  • The New York Glass Cube (the brand’s main store) is the record holder for the number of daily photos in the background.

Apple managed to become a world famous brand due to a mega-competent advertising strategy. “Apple versus all”, “Apple versus Microsoft” – are pre-thought out, but not random steps that led the company to success.