How to organize a workplace of a trader at home?

workplace of the trader
workplace of the trader

The work of the trader is associated with the need to analyze a huge amount of information and focus even on small things. Therefore, approaching the organization of the workplace is extremely responsible. We will give some recommendations to help you with this.

Rate your standard day at work

A trader can organize a workspace using two key components:

  1. Furniture and other interior items for convenience.
  2. Technical equipment.

At the first stage, we advise you to measure the area of the room in which you plan to conduct trade transactions. Be sure to think about how your typical trader’s day will go.

If trading in financial markets is a simple side job or a hobby for you, the requirements for furnishing and equipping premises will be one. If you want to spend many hours on the exchanges without a break, the criteria for organizing a workplace should be completely different.

Necessary technical equipment

For technical equipment, the trader must have:

Productive laptop or desktop PC

Productive laptop or desktop PC
laptop and desktop PC

Requirements are presented to the video card, processor, RAM volume. If you want to save on the purchase of computer equipment, buy a computer – with the same characteristics, it will cost less than a laptop.

But do not forget that you will not be able to work with a PC on a long trip or a short trip.


It should not be guided by photographs of experienced speculators in the global network, to purchase several monitors to demonstrate values ​​and graphs.

To organize a home workplace, you need only one, but a high-quality screen – provided that you trade one or more financial instruments. In the future, you can buy, if necessary, the right number of equipment, as well as a special bracket for installing monitors.

When buying equipment, choose screens that are similar to each other. In this case, the vision will not have increased loads – the eyes will not have to constantly switch from one brightness / sharpness of the monitor to another.

WAN Access

WAN Access

The quality of trading, the success of work and the speed of execution of orders directly depend on the speed and absence of interruptions with the connection to the Internet.

Multifunction device

Multifunction device

MFIs are required for copying, printing and more convenient studying paper charts, scanning and sending documents (for example, papers for identification on the broker’s website or on payment system portals).


Even if you do not intend to operate in huge amounts, secure your information by installing a powerful antivirus program. The recommended option is a licensed version of Kaspersky.

Refuse to download to the working PC or laptop any dubious and unknown utilities. If desired, download and use them on other computer devices.

Uninterruptible power system

In the event of a power outage and to protect against power surges, the room must have an uninterrupted power supply.

Mobile trading hours (installed on a desktop computer)

Stocktime watches online show the operating hours of each major exchange in the world. At any time you can see where the market is moving.

On the virtual watch dial, periods of maximum activity of different exchanges are also noted. Download the widget to your laptop or PC desktop.

Mouse and keyboard

For trading at an amateur level, you can, theoretically, use the existing mouse and keyboard. But if you intend to trade professionally, we recommend you buy:

Mouse and keyboard
  1. G9 LaserMouse or another Logitech model. Devices are released for the needs of the gaming industry. Therefore, they have maximum speed.
  2. Keyboard SteelSeries 7G. Buttons F1 through F12 are located so as to protect the user from accidental pressing (4 keys in each of 3 blocks). The device also stands out for its increased response speed.

We also recommend installing on an additional mobile device – a tablet or smartphone, a trading platform in case of problems with the main computer or laptop.

What furniture is needed for trading?

In contrast to the means of technical equipment, furniture items are required not so much. We recommend that you definitely purchase an expensive chair with anatomical parameters.

Working on a cheap computer chair for many hours, you reduce the ability to work, provoke the appearance of headaches and back problems. Even if trading for you is not yet the main source of income, investing in a high-quality anatomical chair will pay off.

Even if you live alone, separate the work area, for example, using a screen. In a fenced area, you should feel as you would in a business office. If you live with a family and you do not have a separate room for an office, arrange a balcony.