Olymp Trade 60 Seconds Binary Options Strategy

The strategy that we are considering now is designed to open short-term deals for a period of 60 seconds and is based on a technical analysis. This method is especially suitable for beginners, but experienced traders also use it sometimes. To ensure that the percentage of successful transactions is the highest, you must strictly adhere to the instructions below.

Step 1. Go to investing.com. In the top menu, select Technical analysis and follow the link Technical analysis

Technical analysis investing.com
investing.com technical analysis

Step 2. Now you need to select the currency pair that you want to trade, for example GBP / USD (British Pound US Dollar). Next, select a time of 1 min.
The CV must have a clear signal, STRONG BUY or STRONG SELL. If the values in this line are neutral, buy, sell, then it is better to refrain from transactions.

In our case, we see that the indicator shows STRONG SELL. This is a signal to sell an option.

GBP/USD Technical Analysis

Step 3. We go to the trading platform of the broker we are trading with. In our case, it is an Olymp Trade broker. If you do not have an account yet, then you can open it here. This broker is very convenient to trade for 60 seconds, and most importantly reliable.

Choose an asset. We indicate the amount of the transaction. We conclude a deal for an increase of 1 minute.

Choose an asset. We indicate the amount of the transaction. We conclude a deal for an increase of 1 minute.
Olymp Trade trading platform

Step 4. We are waiting for the completion of the transaction. Congratulations! The forecast came true. 82% of the transaction amount is credited to our account.

Your forecast was correct
Olymp Trade Your forecast was correct

The above strategy for binary options for 60 seconds is profitable and fast. In 1 minute you can increase your score by 80%.

As you know, the market is very volatile and literally in a couple of minutes, or even seconds, the price can turn around sharply and go up or down contrary to your expectations and forecasts.

There is no binary options trading strategy that would guarantee you a 100% result. And a 1 minute strategy is no exception. With it, you can make a larger percentage of successful transactions, but there will also be unprofitable ones.

If the first transaction was unprofitable, then double the amount of the next transaction.

For example, you opened a position for 10 dollars. She was unprofitable. The next binary option is already at $ 20. In case of success, we get 36 dollars. Thus, we cover the loss-making and get a little profit. If the transaction were unsuccessful, then we would double 20 and open the next position at $ 40. If successful, we begin to open positions again with 10 dollars.