Top 3 stocks worth buying at the time of the fall due to coronavirus

Investing all available financial resources in shares of pharmaceutical organizations, rapidly growing in value, can only be beneficial in the short term. Since guessing which company will be the first to develop an effective coronavirus vaccine is simply not possible.

Therefore, a reasonable option would be to buy those securities that are currently offered at the lowest price, being in the fall solely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are talking about investing in the assets of the largest enterprises, which previously could not be acquired because of their high rate. If you are interested in a long-term investment, check out our TOP-3 stocks that are worth buying at the time of the fall due to a new virus.

TOP 3 stocks of giant corporations available for purchase

According to experts, it is potentially profitable to purchase securities of companies such as:

  • Microsoft (NASDAQ – MSFT);
 Microsoft Corporation MSFT. Stock price March 20, 2020
Microsoft Corporation MSFT. Stock price March 20, 2020
  • IBM (IBM).
IBM Common Stock. Price March 20, 2020
IBM Common Stock. Price March 20, 2020
  • Apple (AAPL).
Apple Inc. Stock price March 20, 2020
Apple Inc. Stock price March 20, 2020

Each of these high-tech corporations is now in a difficult situation. However, it is not worth doubting that they will be able to “get out”. For example, you can try to predict the future of the “apple” producer. After the end of the epidemic, the world in any case will not refuse to purchase devices from Apple. Despite the fact that at present consumer demand has fallen markedly.

If you are attracted to long-term investments with a horizon of at least two to three years, consider the companies in the Dow Jones Index that have found themselves in a difficult situation. In any case, you will choose a highly reliable and major player, and you will make a profit both on the growth of the value of shares and on dividends.

Investment in shipping

Once again, the purchase of Microsoft, Apple, and IBM stocks over a period of several years is almost a guaranteed income. You can try to invest with great risk, but with the opportunity to make money in the near future. How to do it? By purchasing securities of shipping companies.

Crews coming from China still cannot land on the territory of other states. The vessels are idle, the unloading of containers is carried out with terrifying delays. Moreover, not wanting to jeopardize the team, many shipping companies are on vacation. Naturally, the shares of such organizations do not just fall, but collapse.

However, the situation with coronavirus in China is gradually improving. The number of daily sick citizens is no longer in the hundreds. After the residents begin to return to work, it is at the shipping companies that one of the first to establish business. Particular care must be taken in the case of Hong Kong firms. On the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), SSW shares owned by Seaspan Corporation can be purchased.

Seaspan Corporation Seaspan Cor (SSW) Stock Price
Seaspan Corporation Seaspan Cor (SSW) Stock Price. March 20, 2020

The likelihood that in the near future the value of securities related to maritime affairs will return to previous levels is maximum. Of course, no one will give you a 100% guarantee on the stock exchange.